About The Method

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The MYW Method promises mental and physical freedom by integrating the mind, body, and world. 

The mind is not in direct contact with world, but it is responsible for instructing the body to behave in the world. In order to instruct the body successfully, the mind uses an internal imaginary world that is based on the data provided by the body about the external physical world. The external physical world includes everything outside the body, and can be called Reality. The internal imaginary world is the best representation the mind can create of Reality, and can be called the personal reality.

In order to integrate the mind, body, and world, the method uses sensations and behaviors, and takes advantage of the voice of the mind. Sensations are the data that the mind receives from the body, and behaviors are the instructions that the body receives from the  mind. The method groups sensations into emotional, conscientious, and physical, and treats all behavior as sequenced patterns of muscle tension. Since the body is the interface between the mind and the world, it experiences sensations of mind, and sensations of the world, as well as its own sensations.

Sensations of mind are emotional (E) sensations related to personal reality such as personal value and role, and conscientious (C) sensations related to Reality such as the motions of planets and the natural behavior of groups of people. Sensations of the body are internal physical (P) sensations, such as tiredness, hunger, hormones, breathing, gravity, balance, and pain. Sensations of the world are external physical (P) sensations, and are of the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The mind is often searching for the meaning of the PEC sensations it receives, and the voice of the mind (VOM) often narrates this search.

The method uses Mindfulness to raise awareness of the EC sensations of the mind, Yoga to heal P sensations in the body, and Writing the content of the VOM to reveal the border between personal reality and Reality.