What would the world look like without the human mind? There would be no farms, no roads, no buildings, no satellites, and no other technology at all except for things like sticks that orangutans make to dig out insects from trees. The human mind creates ideas. Ideas are stories that have a beginning, middle, and end, have worth, and include values. Ideas solve meaning. Ideas generate behaviors that have consequences. Ideas can be about material things like dirt, where the consequence can be metal. Ideas can also be about immaterial things like God, where the consequence can be community. The human mind is not connected directly to the material – body – world, but through the body via sensations. The body collects sensations from the material world outside the body with its five senses and sends them to the mind, and the mind sends instructions to behave in the material world in return. The body also sends sensations to the mind about things internal to the body, like muscle tension and hunger.

More interestingly, and perhaps more importantly, the mind also receives sensations from the immaterial – mind – world as new ideas. Indeed, the main problem that the method solves is the identification, modification, and deletion, of ideas that generate negative sensations due to incompatibility with the material world, all of which rely on new ideas.

The method takes these ideas, sensations, and behaviors, analyses them, and processes them for use. It may sound complex, but it has been made very simple. So simple in fact, that the problem may be that it appears too simple to work. The method allows a user to edit the idea of self or create a new idea of self via the SML8R (the thing we use to be curious or worry), create purpose and make decisions with a feedback loop using failure as critical data, and also to perceive the ideas of others and predict their behavior. In this way the method offers a type of vision into the immaterial world of the mind, and of other’s minds. The method, in short, offers a user a fully integrated mind and body that is free from limitations, allowing a user to access their full capacities, with a fluid body and an open mind, at all times.

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