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Depends on our behavior.

If you believe in God, then that’s valid because no one knows if there is a God or not, and the proof isn’t available till death, at the beginning of the afterlife. (Indeed, the author of the Method relied on the idea of God at some points of his life). The Method, however, doesn’t do an afterlife that we experience, only an afterlife in which others experience the idea of us after our body dies, especially during long periods of recorded history, like now.

Evolution of society would not be here without religion because it provided meaning about the stars and something greater than us, structure and our place in it. It was part of our human evolution, that has led us to living now, some of us free, some of us less so. Qualification: depending on your Situation. But all is not lost, in fact this Method is a path to a new place inside us, in our mind and body, that values Peace and Prosperity, for All.

With respect to God, it was a great idea, indeed, like science fiction, God, while playing the essential role of bringing us together into society, also gave us a target: God. An idea, and a pursuit. As time has passed, we have come to a point in our societal evolution, where we are the ones in control of fire and brimstone, and we are the ones who are responsible for some of the things that twinkle in the night sky.

So if the God idea is a story that starts 40,000 years ago with the Lion-man, then the end of that story would be 300 years ago during Galileo‘s and Newton‘s time, when they started explaining the stars without the need for an interventionist god.

God has played its role for many, but not for all, especially today. The trouble with God is that its ideas sometimes favor a select group which clashes with values of Peace and Prosperity for All. If you believe in God, and have behavior that matches Peace and Prosperity for All, then there is zero problem. Indeed, would it be possible to work on something we both value? Like our home planet, that we have the capacity and desire to protect, so that everything can enjoy it?

In a way, humans are just an expression of Life that emerged on the planet Earth. We are the version of all the life forms on the planet that got Intelligence. And the Method aims to engage that Intelligence as if we were God. And so, if we have in pursuit of the idea of God, achieved our aspiration to be like God, then what would we value? How would we behave? What would we do?