The following are answers to frequently asked questions.

Who is this method for?

For people that are really looking for a solution and have sufficient desire and dedication to commit to a method they can trust. For people that already know this wisdom and wanted someone to voice it in a way they can use to share with their friends. Curious people who are seeking new ways of doing things in general. Mothers who read Pen and The Missing Letter with their children and want more. Business people who read The MYW Method and want more. Anyone that found Games of P interesting in some way and wants more.

What is the method?

Splitting the method into two pieces, the mind part of the method is basically cognitive behavioral therapy, or the meditation part of buddhism, or cognitive science, or philosophy of mind, or just paying attention to how things are related to each other, depending on your background. If you are in therapy you will recognize CBT, if you are into meditation you will recognize buddhism, etc.. The body part of the method is basically physiotherapy, or yoga, or any type of movement where you pay attention to the changes in your body, again depending on your background. 

But what is the method really about?

The method is just a tool, a way of looking at life, and a way of dealing with life to make it easier. It’s not a product of science in the sense that the author is a scientist, but it is science in the sense that the entire method is about testing your mind, testing your body, and testing the world and taking all that data and then calibrating your behavior to match that data. It’s about taking life literally, about taking just what your sensations give you, and using it to be successful. The central idea of the method is that we create an imaginary world in our mind, in order to interact with real world outside the mind, and for this we need to create meaning about the things in the real world, and this meaning can be wrong, or can change, and this meaning will effect our behavior, how we react to that object. Meaning is central to the method, and is the real world of the method. You could say the whole method was created to just be able to access meaning and correct it, and keep on correcting it as time passes. So if it‘s about anything, it’s really about meaning.

Who can use the method?

Anyone with the sufficient capacity and sufficient desire can use the method. Capacity is defined by sufficient fear of awareness. If you see the method as something that has the potential to create large change, and you feel the fear of awareness of this potential, then you have sufficient capacity. If you read the introduction to the method on the website and it all seems like nonsense, then you have insufficient capacity to use the method. Desire, is obvious, but what might be worth saying is that desire can change. You may be looking for a solution but think that this method is too extreme, and after some time passes you may decide that your situation has changed and requires an extreme solution and so your desire might increase. In any case, if you do not have sufficient desire now, then now is not the time to use this method.

What if I am doing something else already? Will this method interfere with it?

Perhaps you are already doing something like seeing a therapist, or using faith and praying, or doing meditation using mantras, and you wonder whether using this method will interfere with what you are already doing, and make things worse. It depends, but if you are very concerned then consult your therapist, or meditation teacher, or religious leader. In my opinion, it comes down to how you feel about the content of the introduction on the website, and how much fear it generates. If it is a lot of fear, then don’t do it. If there is a lot of curiosity, then it should be safe. Ultimately though, the center of the method is about “Meaning”, and this can be a powerful thing.

Will the method effect my relationships?

If it works, then yes, all relationships will change because the primary purpose of the method is to help you pay attention more and be triggered into losing patience less. Some relationships depend on anger, and without it, the relationship might not work especially if there is nothing else left inside the relationship. The method also relies on the reality of the human experience, and perceives religious realities as inventions by humans. Which does not mean that religion should be rejected, that is up to the user of the method. At the same time, The method does value the community that religion brings, and values the debt that society owes to the structure that religion has provided to the development of civilization.