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Ideas have consequences on our lives, our families, and our societies, and at the heart of The Method is the Idea Editing Function (IEF). The IEF has two tools, the ISB and the RVP. The ISB helps a user find out where they are and how they got there, and the RVP helps them figure our where to go and how to get there. Both tools interact with the SML8R, our Simulator, or Imagination, or System, downloading and uploading ideas to it.

Advertising and Politics works the same way, except with Advertising and Politics someone uses the System to get a user to do something they want, while making the user feel like its something the user wants. The Method is like this, except the System is controlled by the user.

Steps: Download IOS from the SML8R for review and editing using the ISB Tool. Upload New Idea, with New Values, New Story, and New Purpose, using the RVP Tool.