A liquid body.

Life’s best expression of itself was once a fish floating in water, eating, pooping, and making babies whenever it could, and running and hiding whenever it couldn‘t. The fish has a skeleton, muscles that tension, skin, and a brain with built-in-triggers about who and what was good and who and what was not.

Without Limbs or Ideas, it came to the land, and grew Limbs. And from the trees it came to land, to walk upright, and find Ideas. With Ideas came the mind world, and with that came the Idea Of Self (IOS). The IOS can control our behavior and its consequences, but it is coded until it released. IOS is coded for being seen, being heard, being understood, held, and safe. The release happens after time, or a strong situation, or with a method, like The MYW Method.

Open the mind, keeping it free of controlling ideas.

Liquid body, all muscles can tension and release without mind effort. All behavior is deliberate. Either with awareness of sensations, or awareness of self only, at extremes.

If muscle areas are not liquid, they are tensioned, tight, stiff, or atrophied. Tension can be released by sensing the area and breathing out to release it, tight areas have been tensioned so long that another area has atrophied in its opposite place, bringing numbness. You can feel the status of muscle problem areas by moving limbs around and finding range of movement limitations, or strength limitations that prevent you from leaving a limb hanging up. Where are the main problem areas? Torso? Limbs? Hips, shoulders?Neck? Everywhere?

Yoga. Start working the muscles. What is your form? Your balance? Your breathing? Do your feet fall flat always? Are the hips and shoulders free? Is the body liquid?

Anyone can have a liquid body, without tension, tightness, stiffness, atrophy, or numbness.

A quiet mind and liquid body are an integrated mind and body.