MYW Yoga promises physical freedom. 

Since the mind sends instructions of sequenced patterns of muscle tension to the body, the mind will be limited on the behavior it can create if there is an area of muscle pain or weakness. MYW Yoga uses internal Physical sensations of the body, and movement, to identify and resolve areas of muscle pain and weakness. MYW Yoga takes a simplified view of the human body, by accounting only for skin, bones, muscles, and nerves, where muscles are connected to skin and bones, and nerves carry instructions from the mind. 

Muscles that are responsible for behavior are made of hair like strands that are bunched together. When a muscle is tensioned it pulls on a bone or another muscle, to create movement, or changes in appearance, or sound. Muscles lose mass (atrophy) if they are not used, which happens if they do not receive instructions to tension either because the mind has no use for that muscle, or the nerve is damaged. All muscles can relax, but also have a counter muscles that pull in the opposite direction. When muscles atrophy, opposing muscles must remain in tension, and for arms and legs, this means that bones will be pulled out of alignment, resulting in limitations of mobility.

Muscle atrophy can be reversed, if the nerves are not damaged, by simply sending instructions from the mind to the muscle to tension, which will trigger the body to send material to the muscle so that it can gain mass. Any movement that requires an atrophied muscle to tension is sufficient to fix an atrophied muscle, so long as it is carried out with sufficient duration and frequency. Since MYW Yoga uses sensations and movement to identify and resolve areas of muscle pain and muscle weakness, with the purpose of removing limitations in behavior, MYW Yoga is compatible with any type of yoga, but best suited to restorative yoga.

MYW Yoga is a two step process. 

Step 1 is to remove all areas of atrophy so that all muscles are capable of relaxing, and this requires sufficient duration and frequency of movement in all areas of pain and weakness. When this is achieved, all bones will feel as if they are floating in the body at all times, and the only tension in the body at any time, will be the tension required to carry out whatever behavior the mind has instructed. 

Step 2 is to maintain the body by keeping all muscles active, and this requires such minimal duration and frequency that normal everyday movement, if carried out mindfully, will be sufficient. Mindfully means being aware of sensations of areas of pain and weakness, and moving in those areas when necessary.